Manfred Schoof – European Echoes (1969)

Manfred SchoofEuropean Echoes (1969)

I personally find the title of this record a little deceiving. I correlate the term ‘echoes’ with quiescent nature or a halcyon rural area where there are huge expanses of land to verbally bounce off a ‘hello’ where it will reverberate and echo. I think this misguided vision of serene jazz added the edge to the record because in all blatant honesty, this is not a tranquil record. This was not constructed for a walk in the park. In fact, rather this is as ‘free’ as free jazz gets where thunderous, apocalyptic percussion fuses with frantic horns and staccatos of nois contracting to and fro, in a combative relationship that traverse the heights and depths of the musical scale. I was stimulated by this, a totally unexpected venture into the inharmonious corners of avant-garde improvisation, where asperous cacophony and percussive calamity stretch the boundaries of free jazz. Indeed, European Echoes proves to be a consistently enthrilling music encounter that is essential for even the most reluctant jazz fan.
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